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In the world of fashion and lifestyles there are various items like that of a leather bracelet which have caught the eye of the public. While the looks of these bracelets may change to suit the times, the underlying essentials remain the same. And this is: simply a bracelet of leather which has been created to adorn the wrists of both men and women. 

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The start of a new year represents several things. Generally, we usher in the first day of the year with anticipation for the endless possibilities ahead. Optimism is in the air mixed with a little nostalgia. That’s for the most part, at least.

When it comes to lifestyle, fashion and beauty, the start of another calendar year entails a wardrobe revamp and update of cosmetics haul. Just as the runway shows for Spring-2018 close in fashion capitals, lifestyle trends that dominated hint at the shape of things to come. Similarly for beauty, there were some innovations in makeup and skincare that caught traction towards year’s end.

Make room for the new lifestyle, fashion trends and beauty in 2018. A wardrobe and boudoir update is due.

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Crafting a watch or sunglasses using wood is an art as much as it is a science but the result is always a meticulously designed, totally unique piece.

No two watches or sunglasses made of hardwood can ever be the same because mother - nature is unlimited in its variety of wood grain. 

The color of the stain used on the wood to preserve it interacts differently with the different areas of the wood surface area resulting in a variety of shades and color tones. 

The shape, direction, and width of the wood grain vary depending on the specie, size of the tree and the cut of the wood making it virtually impossible to make any two identical even when they are cut from the same tree.

Additionally, even if you purchase a production wood watch or sunglasses, they will be unique since most designers incorporate multiple parts of the wood in order to create contrast and match among the components to enhance the natural beauty of the wooden pieces.

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LEATHER BRACELETS, WOODEN WATCHES AND SUNGLASSES ARE THE BEST FASHION STYLES FOR 2017   October 31st, 2017   In the epoch of the smartphones, smartwatches, Bluetooth headphones, earbuds and other wearable technology, traditional watches and sunglasses, as we know them, have taken a backseat as a "must have" accessory; however, as a symbol of status and the ability to add a touch of old world class to any ensemble, traditional watches and name brand sunglasses are still very much the go-to accessories.  On the other hand, all the dress watches, marine and racing watches, wrist chronometers, sport watches and eye-wear...

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